B. Cahill, Inc.

Fine Woodworking Since 1988

B. Cahill, Inc. has crafted fine furniture and cabinetry for over 20 years. In addition to constructing new furniture and cabinetry we also repair furniture and restore antiques.

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Round room on second floor landing with curved bookcase.

Curced bookcase installed

Bookcase in round room on second floor landing.

Room without bookcase

Round room ready to measure.

Full scale layout

Room is measured and full scale layout is made. Jigs and fixtures
are made to fabricate curved components.

Bookcase without backs

Components are assembled on fullscale layout to insure exact fit.

Bookcase with half backs attached

Half the backs are installed while on layout to insure square carcasses.

Bookcase in sections

Complete backs are installed.

Bookcase with complete backs

Columns are fitted to assembled bookcase.

Bookcaase with columns ready to install

Columns are finished to accept stone capitals and plinths.

Bookcase installed in room

Installed and waiting for stone capitals and plinths to be inset.

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Brian Cahill